A look at the most unusual and advanced car/vehicle designs of the decade

Take a look at some of the best futuristic concept vehicle designs of the past decade that were actually turned into prototypes:

ebony porn C-1 Electric Motorcycle – Top of the list is a beautiful, stylish and sleek bike C-1 Electric Motorcycle. Although it is a two wheel vehicle, it differs from a traditional bike in a sense that it is quite stable. It’s also quite comfortable. Despite being quite heavy in outlook, the C-1 is quite efficient and swift across the turf. With this motorcycle you do not have to worry about the stand/lever because two gyroscopes in the chassis help to keep the motorcycle upright even when it is not moving.
The design of the C-1 has been developed into a prototype and various simulations have been performed to make sure that its design and other features will last the distance. Production of this motorcycle has not started.

The manufacturer of the C-1 has indicated that the first few C-1 motorcycles will make it to the roads as early as 2014. It’s expected that initial C-1 vehicles wil cost $24000.

Tron Lightcycle – You can get a fair picture of what these Lightcycles look like by watching the movie Tron: Legacy. Tron Lightcycle is an energy efficient vehicle that runs on an electric motor. It is capable of going to a speed in excess of 100 mph; thanks to its 96V motor and lithium batteries.

Tron Lightcycle provides a spectacle for onlookers; especially during night, because its whole body glows at night. Riding this vehicle is also as exciting as it can get for the rider. Charging the battery takes up to 35 minutes after which one can travel up to 100 miles without any hiccups. If predictions about the price of tron are to be believed then it will cost around $55,000.